The Sanford House is licensed to offer you a full selection of beverage packages. Your price for bar packages depends on whether you want beer, wine and champagne, only, or to add mixed drinks. Another choice to make is whether you want house, call, or premium brands. Our Bar Manager has a sampler of Signature Drinks that can be designed specifically for your event. The Sanford House is compliant with all sales of alcohol as required by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC).

There are 3 options for bar packages:

  1. Cash Bar: where your guests pay for their own drinks.
  2. Hosted Bar: where you purchase an amount of alcohol that will be served to your guests. We will stock the bar with extra beverages, so if your guests consume all of the hosted bar, it will then become a cash bar.
  3. Bar Packages are the most popular option, since this allows your guests a selection of beverages for the entire event. You can meet with our bar manager to discuss your beverage selection, brands, wine selections, or signature beverages as desired for your event.


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